Computer simulation before rhinoplasty

A computer simulation of the rhinoplasty enables precise surgical planning.

Since rhinoplasty is a very difficult operation in which the patient’s wishes must be reconciled with what is functionally and surgically possible, we can visualize the postoperative results with the help of modern rhinoplasty computer simulation. It goes without saying that this does not guarantee the surgeon a result, but only allows the patient to make requests. The facial proportions in particular, with their complex relationships to the height of the nose and the shape of the bridge of the nose, are thus optimally visualized digitally. The various anatomical reference points must be taken into account during rhinoplasty: Nose length, nasal lip angle, curve of the bridge of the nose, nose width, tip of the nose, root of the nose and the profile of the nose in relation to the chin. Before the operation, the digital computer simulation allows visualization of the desired surgical result. This is also very helpful for the surgeon, as it allows him or her to adapt more specifically to the patient’s wishes. It also provides the surgeon with an important tool for putting unrealistic ideas into a realistic overall context. Naturally, the purpose of imaging is not to provide a highly accurate prediction of the esthetic result to be achieved. Therefore, imaging is a helpful guide, but should not be taken as a predictable guarantee. For visualization in Lucerne, we use the latest software version of a program recommended by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

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