Operations for increased snoring

The first step is to determine the cause of the increased snoring. In children, there are often swellings in the throat (adenoids = commonly known as polyps). These can be easily removed in a minor outpatient procedure. In adults, other causes of increased snoring should be investigated. Nasal breathing is often obstructed. It is often possible to improve nasal breathing by correcting the turbinates (the swelling in the nose), which can also improve the symptoms of snoring. It is also not uncommon for a deviated nasal septum to be corrected. This ensures better ventilation. Sometimes a sagging soft palate is also the cause of increased snoring. The aim of treatment should then be to give the soft palate greater tension. There are various surgical techniques for this. Conventional soft palate plasty (UPPP) is used to tighten a sagging soft palate and tighten it slightly using a suture technique. This can provide relief, particularly in the case of a very flaccid soft palate. The operation is usually combined with a so-called uvuloplasty. The mucous membrane of the uvula is detached at the front and the soft palate uvula is sutured slightly upwards. In many cases, this can significantly improve the nasal air passage in the throat and alleviate snoring symptoms.

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