Thread lifting

If you are looking for facial rejuvenation without a long downtime, we offer a minimally invasive treatment with a thread lift using self-degrading collagen threads, which can be performed without any incisions. An effective rejuvenation effect occurs through the tightening of the connective tissue and the activation of collagen formation. The treatment takes about 60 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. You can go home immediately after the procedure. You are usually fit for everyday life again after just 1-2 days. As the treatment has already been carried out several hundred thousand times worldwide, risks are very rare. Sometimes small bruises occur, but these will disappear completely within a few days. Since the threads are completely degradable, the visible rejuvenation effect is usually limited to approx. 1 year. The price varies depending on the work involved and is usually around CHF 1600. You are welcome to consult our experienced specialist at the HNO-Center Lucerne

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