Our credo

The values on which our decision-making is based,
, are set out in our Credo values.

Our first responsibility is to heal and help our patients by all appropriate means. We strive to provide the best possible patient-oriented diagnostics and treatment in accordance with the latest medical guidelines. We have a responsibility towards our employees. The dignity of employees is inviolable. We should give our employees the opportunity to fulfill their family obligations. Our employees are welcome to make suggestions and criticisms. Remuneration should be fair and equitable. We strive for the best possible further development of all employees so that efficiency and quality are maintained at the highest possible level. The best diagnostic and therapeutic options should be incorporated into our practice routine. To this end, close clinical, research and teaching cooperation is sought with leading university hospitals, cantonal hospitals, private clinics, doctors and industry partners. Cost awareness should be constantly sharpened and efficiency reserves should be exploited in order to support the sustainable financing of medical services by the health insurance funds. We must provide competent management and our activities must be fair and ethically responsible, protecting the environment and using natural resources with care. As part of society, we feel committed to the common good. As good citizens, we support charities, non-profit organizations and pay our fair share of taxes. We see ourselves as a service company that works cooperatively with patients, doctors, payers and partners. This is the basis of our economic existence. Our services must be profitable. New medical equipment and products must be purchased and new treatment methods must be offered. We strive to achieve all these goals for the benefit of our patients by ensuring that all our employees are friendly, committed and motivated and have a cooperative management and working style. If we work according to these principles, our patients, our employees and our practice should benefit fairly.

Prof. Dr. med. Marcus M. Maassen