Ultrasound diagnostics

There are three main reasons why ultrasound diagnostics in the head and neck area are of great importance. Firstly, it allows a gentle examination, as the ultrasound examination does not involve any radiation at all. Secondly, it can be carried out quickly. You use a harmless gel, spread it on the skin of the neck and face, place the probe head on the skin of the neck and face and you get a meaningful image. In the hands of experienced examiners, the sonographic examination of the soft tissues of the neck only takes a maximum of 30 minutes per patient. Thirdly, ultrasound diagnostics of the soft tissues of the neck is a high-resolution procedure that is even superior to imaging diagnostics such as computer tomography for changes in the soft tissues of the neck and face.

Ultrasound diagnostics are used in the early detection of lymph node swellings. For example, after the removal of a squamous cell carcinoma of the facial skin, it can be determined very early on whether there is a growth of lymph nodes in the area of the neck or parotid gland.

Changes in the parotid gland, such as benign swelling of the parotid gland or an inflammatory disease of the submandibular salivary gland, can also be detected very well using ultrasound diagnostics.

The experience of the doctor performing the sonographic examination of the soft tissues of the neck is essential for diagnostic certainty. However, it is just as important that a high-quality ultrasound device is used. It is important to us that you are treated by highly experienced doctors using the latest ultrasound technology.

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