Neck surgery

Nodular changes in the neck may be harmless enlarged lymph nodes, which are usually inflammatory in nature. In rare cases, however, malignant growth within the lymph nodes is also possible. First, a careful diagnosis is made by means of a palpation and an ultrasound examination. With the help of sonographic clarification, important information about the structure and location of the nodular changes can be obtained.

Neck cysts, which are noticeable either on the side of the neck or in the midline of the neck, can also be reliably differentiated from other swellings by ultrasound examination.

In each individual case, a new decision must be made as to whether surgical removal is necessary. A permanent or enlarging mass should be surgically removed in most cases.

Every operation on the neck requires a great deal of experience on the part of the surgeon, who must be familiar with the anatomy of the neck and know how to identify and protect the cervical vessels and cervical nerves.

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